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Democracy is a cause worth fighting for, as any good American knows. While the democractic system is far from perfect, it is the best political system ever invented. Therefore democracy should be embraced throughout the world. Democratic nations enjoy the best health and prosperity in the world, which leads to less suffering among residents. In fact, poor residents of democratic nations often achieve a quality of life as good as the middle class residing in non-democratic nations. This is not an accident. Democracy leads to rule of law, which in turn lessens political and corporate corruption. (Given the major shortcomings of the American corporate world this might be hard to recognize. However in these cases the US democratic system was in place but the laws were violated by criminals, many of whom will now pay with jail time after fair trials, proving the self-healing nature of US democracy. Plus US corporate laws are being updated to prevent recurrence of the most flagrant wrongdoings of corporate thieves. This is the job of the democratically elected US legislature and is a key component in the system of checks and balances that makes democracies great.)

Ultimately, believes the only way humans can realize their God given freedoms is through global democracy – one vote at a time, in free and fair elections, in every single country. Some countries may take longer than others to go democratic, but there is no rational alternative model of government. We pray that the bloodshed will be minimal, and that credible leaders throughout the world will show their leadership and compassion in the conversion.

The details in achieving this vision are extremely complex, expensive, and time consuming, and are not addressed in this forum. However we are convinced there will never be another option, so we must always strive for global democracy. We encourage you to wholeheartedly join this fight and help secure the Earth for your children and grandchildren.

Please review the following sites for additional information: ( does not specifically condone any one view that may be expressed on the sites linked below.)

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